After the amigurumi project I posted about earlier in the week, I was on the hunt to find a way to make using a thin crochet hook more comfortable for long periods of time. You can buy fancy special hooks which have thicker grips etc but I didn’t want to just throw out all the hooks I already had…

The edges on the grip part on the hook that came with the kit were razor sharp!

To begin with I wrapped it in some fabric tape which solved the sharp edges but not really the fact that it can be painful to hold over long periods of time because of the width.

Needle felting to the rescue! I wrapped the hook in some white roving starting around 4cm from the hook and needle felted it together to form a kind of sheath. It was a little tough to get the felting process started without stabbing myself so I wet the who thing and rolled it around between the palms of my hands then continued to poke at it with the felting needle.

What I ended up with was this, which was great but because of my colour choice… it looked quite a lot like a tampon hahaha!

The addition of a pink spiral of roving and some more needle felting  helped with that problem!

Now it’s thick enough to grip easily and squishy so that I can work for hours without any pain. I love solving silly problems like this!

It’s a shame you couldn’t do the same thing with knitting needles really! Anyway, hope you found that useful, let me know if you have any other clever crafting tips!

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