I had to get up at 4:30am this morning for a conference skype so I don’t think I’m quite running on all cylinders today… Ahaha Halloween photos… next week we’ll have Christmas!

I think you can guess who I was for last Halloween… I had 2 costumes, this version was my half arsed one which I pulled out of my closet:

Jacket: Angelic Pretty
Skirt: Supre
Scarf: Tie shop

And the Celina let me borrow her proper awesome proper uniform! She made it herself, SO COOL!

As per usual, I was in charge of decorations and James was in charge of food. Halloween really isn’t an Australian holiday so we had to make do with hand made stuff.

So mostly orange candles and some autumn leaves I found one year!

In terms of my make up I used soft pink colours with a lot of white in the inner corner of my eyes. I also elongated my usual flicked eyeliner and brought a little bit down in the corner of the lower lash line for a more cartoonish look.

My hair was the traditional buns of course! You guys keep asking for a tutorial on this style and I do really want to do it… but I want to do it well so I’m waiting until I have enough time to sit down and do it RIGHT.

In the mean time here’s a basic description of the steps:

1. Shout Moon Prism Power! When that doesn’t work, follow these other steps.

2. Put hair into high ponytails.

3. Separate a small section of hair at the top.

4.  Tease and hairspray the section until it’s huge.

5.  Shape it into a ball and pin it all around the top of the ponytail so there is no band showing.

6. Once it’s pinned, continue to shape with your hands. Once it’s round, hairspray it.

7. Divide your fringe in half and use a straightener or big styler to curl each half under.

8. Tease and hairspray the curled sections so they stick outwards with a lot of bounce and give that nice rounded heart shape.

We cleared off James’ desk for all of the food and tried to decorate it too. He really pulled out all of the stops!

Spider devilled eggs.

Shrunken head bread rolls and candy corn fudge.

Evil red velvet cupcakes with graveyard frosting…. I don’t know >_>

Mummy sausages, one of whom seems to be wearing hammer pants for some reason.

Bat wing cheese balls.

Celina’s spooky drinks.

My favourite was the little oranges with jack o lantern faces on them… I might be biased because I painted them 😀

Rice krispy brains.

Cooked bats. These were actually delicious honey soy chicken wings but they were so weird to eat because they looked so burnt! It was just black food colouring.

James was my Tuxedo Mask for the evening. We hadn’t counted on how hard it would be to find him a costume at the thrift store! Apparently Tuxedo Mask’s 80’s clothes aren’t so much in fashion any more. Who knew!

Look at that sweet rose throwing action. I feel so much safer with that around. And that high quality mask!

For the rest of the night  we watched Zombieland and ate a lot of food. That is my favorite kind of party… the kind with minimal people and a lot of food and chairs to sit in. I am such a party animal.

Later that night I dissected one of the orange jack o lanterns but it felt kind of wrong eating it while it’s brothers were looking at me >_>

I feel like I’ve left this so long that I now need to start planning the next one…. This time we will plan costumes out in advance… maybe. >_> Happy Feb-ween?

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