Every 6 months or so I go through a drawing phase. It usually coincides with finding some kind of new awesome supply at an art shop. This one was set off by downloading a drawing app called Sketches on the iPad and finding a stylus at Daiso that was thin like a pen so using the iPad didn’t feel like using crayons anymore.

I made it through like 5 days worth of a “draw every day” challenge I set for myself but I’m just not good at making myself do stuff like that every day.

The only reason I made it that far was that I found some coloured lead for my mechanical pencil. It is really hard to find coloured lead in Aus but there’s one newsagent that has the Pilot Colour Eno range and it’s the best! They are extremely inconsistent in softness (I assume because of the way different pigments work) but they probably average out to a 2B softness which is my favourite.

Really this is all just an excuse to draw my favourite subject…

I was kept even more interested by an iphone all called Sktchy. It’s a very cool idea, basically you upload photos of yourself and then artists use them for inspiration. I used portraits I found there as inspiration for the next two pictures.

MiniGambit was a bad influence on my drawings, all he ever wants to see is 90’s era Rogue >_>

Look at this nonsense that he draws! Think pretty highly of yourself eh buddy?

I really enjoy this program!

And lastly, the finished sketch from the beginning ^_^


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