So the weird obsession with “pick your own” farms continues but this year we didn’t just want to do the regular berries and things like that so we googled around for some alternatives and found a Peony Farm which was open just one day a year!

Then we debated for like 3 weeks on the correct way to say peony because it just doesn’t sound right.

It was quite the drive out from Melbourne and we managed to pick a day which had pretty average weather. It threatened to rain all day but luckily didn’t start until we left the farm!

The farm really looked like something out of a fairy tale. There was a cute little church, a band playing and all kinds of rustic food stalls. People were having picnics everywhere on the grass.

For once in my life I decided to wear sensible, appropriate shoes so I went and bought some gumboots that week.

I decided they weren’t quite cute enough so I added some decorations to make them Chibi Moon boots from Sailor Moon 😉

Hot pink gumboots – Big W children’s section, customised by me

For the first time ever I was in more practical shoes than Celina, I thought it should be noted so here’s a photo of her getting stuck in the mud for prosperity. She is so never going to go to a farm with me ever again after this 😀

My outfit theme was I guess kind of country cute? I want to say that it was really carefully thought out but I honestly just wanted to wear this dress because it was brand new. I had really wanted to finish knitting the pink cardigan I was doing to match the shoes but I didn’t get it done in time >_<

White lace dress – Plastic Island

In this photo we see my lovely friends daring James to touch an electric fence. -_-‘ I’m not going to say the outcome but I think we all know what happened.


I chose soft pink eyeshadow to go with the look. I have been reverting to gold shimmer or pink eyeshadow a lot lately and I think I’m in a bit of a make up rut. After a string of allergies I’ve had to tone back for a few months so I’m thinking of doing a month make up free to try and just get my skin in really good condition again!

Soft pink eye make up with 3/4 lashes and bright pink lipstick.

I got to have a little fun with my macro clip again!

My accessories for the day were gold and pretty much all of them came from a $3 sale at Target a few weeks ago. I’m pretty disappointed at the quality of a lot of these pieces because they were around $30 full price and some of them broke the first day I wore them out :/

Love necklace – Target

And proof that I actually did pick the flowers myself! We got there early but not early enough because most of the good ones had already been picked.

Each person who picked got to take home 20 flowers. It really is a lot more than you’d think because they are HUGE.

Did I mention that this is a real proper farm and as such, it was full of bugs and so were the flowers *_* In this photo, it looks all artistic carrying the peonies upside down but I was actually trying to shake out all of the bugs. I’m really not a country girl.

After almost a year of wearing the same scarf every day I decided it was probably a good idea to rotate some of the others in my wardrobe in to justify the space they take up hahaha! I never go on these outing without a big scarf even if it’s really hot because I am terrified of sunburn.

Pink floral scarf – Forever New

Pink flower bracelet – Target

Our combined basket of peonies and many bugs with pointy stingers. This is why I’m holding it so awkwardly away from myself haha!

Straw boater hat – Big W, flowers added by me

So many cute rustic places for photos!

After we had picked our share of flowers, we headed back to the picnic area to enjoy our yummy food.

This was probably a mistake on our part because it was quite warm by now so all of our peonies started to wilt. Flower picking is hungry work though!

James and I collaborated on these mini cheesecake jars for dessert. Next time we should do baked cheesecake, it’s so much better!

It’s so fun to get back into outfit posts, I am loving this format a lot more than the bulk ones from last year!

Now prepare for part 2 of the Peony-ing and in the next post I’ll show you what I did with them all!

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