So have you ever wanted to see James beaten to death? Apparently it’s more common that you would think! We’ve been helping Tobias and Celina film some videos lately and the most recent one involved the boys getting into a big fist fight XD

I got to apply the fake blood, it was made of chocolate sauce and smelled delicious.

They started out in an office and it escalated fairly quickly.

Best friends 4everz.

And this is why one shouldn’t leave their camera unattended.

I think James really got the worst of it, he was getting food colouring out of his ears for like 3 days after this.

How beautiful was the part we filmed in though?

And this was you know, less beautiful.

The next filming day we had was for The Ring! I kept myself amused.

Celina’s so pretty 😀

This one was really involved and the table was a bit high so she couldn’t quite reach the floor. I think she discovered new muscles!

If you are scared of The Ring then maybe don’t look at the next few photos…

She was actually just having a nap between shots.

And this is why I’ll never be able to sleep again.

Hope your week didn’t involve demon girls and zombies!

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