Today’s tutorial is a little out there which is why I love it! Today we’re making a light up party headband!

Oh yes, it’s party time on my head and everyone’s invited!

You need:

  • Mini LED fairy lights
  • Thin wire
  • Tulle
  • A headband
Start by cutting small strips of tulle around 3cm by 15cm.
Tie a piece of the tulle around each LED.
Loop the lights around your headband to get them spaced out correctly.
Continue wrapping and looping until you run out. It’s probably good to point out that you should use fairy lights which are battery powered rather than ones which plug in to the wall unless you want to be stuck next to the wall the whole party >_> Just tape the battery pack under your shirt or tuck it into your bra. It would also be good to mention to make sure you use LED’s instead of little bulbs, since LED’s don’t produce heat.
Secure the whole thing using thin jewellery wire.
I wrapped it around the ends especially so it wouldn’t just slide off.
It’s party time!
I don’t know what this is… a really lame party for one  where all anyone does is film videos XD
Hope you enjoyed and let me know if you’re lighting up your NYE party with one of these ahaha!

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