As a special treat for my birthday (yes that’s how long it takes me to write these >_>) Celina and Tobias took us to my new all time favourite restaurant: The Conservatory.

The whole place was exactly how I want my house to look. But you know, with less strangers and wait staff. I would probably put in a 4th chocolate fountain too because, you know, you can never have too many chocolate fountains.

It’s kind of modern French wile still being very art deco inspired.

All mirrors and white marble as far as the eye can see.

James enjoyed it because it’s a buffet and if there’s one thing James loves, it’s eating more than his own weight.

The food was delicious and super fancy.

I tried mussels and oysters and decided I actually like them…

Even if they look quite disgusting.

I did have a minor moment where I thought this was avocado not wasabi but luckily I didn’t take any >_>


James decided to try cracking his own lobster claws and only hurt himself like 3 times. Progress!


You can see more of my future house in the background there!

The boys had to sit on the window side so we had the better lighting XD

Such class. Wow.


Future apartment sure has nice chandeliers. I’ll probably have to get rid of the Best Wishes balloons though..

So did we talk about dessert yet? Because holy bajeebus dessert.


And there were 4 flavours of chocolate fountain *_*

Why can’t I live here??

On the way out when we were in food coma mode we tried to find a particular elevator in which we had taken the only photo ever where both Celina and I looked great at once. We found the elevator but they had replaced the lighting with this…

While we did manage to find another one apparently we’re cursed because every shot we took was out of focus. Elevator curse!

I don’t even know what’s going on here?

But fall sure is pretty… unlike James.


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