I guess today’s hair tutorial could be a little bit festive if you wanted it to be! This hairstyle is regular braid but with a ribbon threaded through. This style is particularly good for people with darker hair who worry about the pattern of braids getting lost in their hair.

You can tie the ribbon in many ways but the easiest way I’ve found is to use a clip in hair extension. Open the clip and thread the ribbon through it.

Separate a small section  just above where you want the braid to begin.
And clip the extension in just below the part.
Flip the top hair over again and it will hide the tracks very nicely.
Now braid down from that point and hold the ribbon in one of the 3 sections you’re braiding with. Try to keep the ribbon at the front of the piece of hair every time you make the braiding movements so it will show up nicely in the design.
Once you run out of hair continue plaiting down.
For a bigger end result, puff out the braid/plait with your fingers.
You can cut the end of the ribbon off the bottom or you can get extra points by tying it into a big bow or a flower.
A cute and casual style which is great for all of the craziness at this time of the year!
Hope you guys are having a lovely month and let me know if you give it a try!


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