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So this year we’re going a little nuts with Billy Idol Day (this is our version of Christmas because… Billy Idol rocks at Christmas songs). I’ve decided that I want to upgrade our holiday, no random mismatched wrapping paper, no last minute running around to post gifts, no nonsense, no stress, I’m going Martha Stewart on this! I’m even going to be taking a little time off (shocking I know!) to relax and just enjoy… relaxing!

Colour themes!! My lunch is going to be so cute, bring it Martha!



I even custom made little flags for our food with tape! Obsessive? Maybe >_>


This was our tree last year, his name was Billy and he only managed to stay alive for about 2 months afterwards :/



This year I made the tree out of lights!


We’re going to have our traditional holiday video game which we play all Boxing Day (recommendations anyone?? Must have puzzles, action and be for PS3) and candles will be lit rather than just sitting there to look pretty because I don’t want to waste them!

And yes to cake! I want something more spectacular than the first cake I did for this:


I’m also embracing the fact that it’s Summer here, so no weird fake snow and no all day roasting in the oven when it’s probably going to be 35C outside!

No to cooking a whole turkey again:


My favourite part of the holidays is also the one that has frustrated me the most this year: Christmas Crackers/bon bons. For some reason it is IMPOSSIBLE to find crackers in Melbourne which aren’t terrible. Even if they are like $50+ they still have plastic rubbish toys in them.


I want them to have awesome gifts inside but every single box of crackers I’ve found has nonsense like plastic mini screw drivers, fake moustaches and shoe horns. I swear that the cracker industry keeps the shoe horn industry alive >_> James and I have hunted through like 20 stores plus online looking for decent ones and now my last ditch idea is to put Kinder Surprises into crackers so at least they will have something to do in them which doesn’t involve shoe horns.



Seriously cracker companies, step it up a bit.

Of course, then the jokes start coming out. James is really into jokes, not good ones, but the terrible 100 year old ones that come in crackers. And every year something like this happens…

Q. What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back?


A. A stick.



Q. What do you get if you eat Christmas decorations?



A. Tinselitis.



Why don’t ducks tell jokes when they’re flying?


Because they would quack up.






Yeah ok maybe that last one >_>

Anyway, Optus have launched a campaign this year called “Give More Yes” in which you can pick up your own special cracker from any Optus store, pop it and receive a code to enter online for a gift! If you can’t make it to a store, you can pop a virtual cracker online! Their hashtag is #YESCrackers if you want to show off your present.


The prizes are things like gift vouchers to stores, iTunes, charity donations, surf boards, Christmas light kits and trees.


The gifts don’t include shoe horns. Sorry if you were excited to get a shoe horn to add to your collection >_>



All you need to do is grab your cracker and then head to the Yes hub  with the code inside (or pop one on the website) to claim your prize! If you want to be extra giving, you can then give your prize to a Facebook friend or keep it for yourself.

Well I guess I had better get myself back to planning and decorating for our Billy Idol Day lunch, this isn’t going to Martha itself!


Do you guys have plans for the holidays? Are you going to celebrate something fun? Are you weirdly obsessive about shoe horns? >_> Either way I hope you have a lovely month!

Bonus pic: We accidentally captured Lottie’s exact moment of reaction XD


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