Come with us on our trip to the No-So-Pink Cliffs and Mount Macedon! Mount Macedon is also known as the coldest place on earth… by me.

We decided on a whim one morning to take a drive to Bendigo so I could visit the yarn mills there. It was around a 2 hour drive but we ended up stopping at lots of places to take photos.

Our first stop was a random farmer’s market which was 1 part farmers (see below chickens) and 10 parts imported random crap toys, car parts and people giving crystal readings.

We were more looking for cheese than car parts so back in our car we hopped. There was a serious lack of cheese on this day trip.

Celina had heard about a place called the Pink Cliffs so we stopped off and wandered over. I say wandered but it was actually more like a 30min hike through rocks and bush >_> We city folk didn’t do so well.

Then there were the cliffs. They were very not pink. Like seriously, this is not pink. I even added a pink filter to the left half of this photo and they still look orange. Orange cliffs doesn’t sound as inviting though right?

Celina did her best impression of that scene from Titanic but no one else was brave enough to go to the edge because you know… cliffs >_>

Our next stop was actually in Bendigo. We were driving through when out of nowhere James spotted this amazing glass house in the middle of a park.

It was full of birds and beautiful flowers and people sheltering from the weird rainstorm that came out of nowhere.

The last stop for the day (thank god because by this point 2/4 of us had fallen asleep in the car) was Mount Macedon. We got lost probably 3 times trying to find the correct road and failed fairly miserably trying to get directions but we got there in the end!

Apparently we had just missed it snowing by like 5 minutes *_*

We are smiling in this photo but neither of us were dressed for snow so our eyes are really saying “OMFG GET TAKE THE PHOTO AND GET BACK TO THE HEATER IN THE CAR!”.

We were lucky to arrive just in time for sunset but I couldn’t even press the shutter button on my camera because I was so chilly!

Look James was there too!

There was a tea house there too but we were too cold and tired to try it. Plus it was like a 2 hr drive back into town and tiny bladder XD

I can’t believe how many places we actually went on this trip, considering it was just one day!

So pretty but it did inspire me to knit us some flip top mittens for next time XD

We want to go exploring more areas, do you guys have suggestions around Victoria we should check out? No pink landmarks please, they only disappoint ;_;




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