Happy! It’s the end of another week and I feel like a did a lot so yay!

I learned how to make my own rice paper rolls and pho at home. YUM. Ignore the colour, I mis-calibrated it on my camera so everything that day was weirdly orange.

James made me scrambled eggs and cottage cheese on toast, one of my favourites that we never have time for in the morning!

I shopping-spree’d

I ate a lot of white chocolate. It seems when I write down what makes me happy they are all food XD That’s probably not healthy?

I said goodbye to some of the first shoes I ever deco’d and finally admitted that while they were super pretty, they were also CRAZY UNCOMFORTABLE.

I don’t have time for uncomfortable shoes!

These are my new chocolate obsessions btw, I usually hate Lindt chocolate but these white chocolate/strawberry ones don’t leave that waxy after taste. SO GOOD!

I got stationary and got organised with notebooks!

I painted my nails the pinkest of the pinks.

I started using some of the cosmetics I was given for my birthday. LOVE this blush and nail file from Jill Stuart.

I even branched out to try a bright pink eyeliner!

I rearranged my terrarium a bit so the stones were in the right places.

And found some tiny accessories to use in there, I think we need to do tiny macro shoots with these!

When trying to model the pink eyeliner for you guys, I realised winking is something I can’t possibly look cute doing. Seriously this was like the 50th try and it was the only one that didn’t look like I had some kind of eye disease.

I guess James will never know the allure of my powerfully sexy winking XD

But hey, I’m pretty good at applying eyeliner!

You win some you lose some ;P

How’s your week been??


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