Today’s hair tutorial is another one which can be a bit hit or miss depending on the type of hair you have but it can’t hurt to give it a try because there’s very little effort involved! We’re going to try getting natural waves by sleeping in buns overnight!

To get these overnight styles to work I found that the best thing to begin with was a decent volumising spray. I like the one from Toni&Guy.

So to begin with, spray around the roots and allow to dry. If you want extra hold then activate it with some heat.
Volume! Feel free to stop here if you are on your way to a Whitesnake concert  \m/ >_< \m/
Now the buns, divide the hair into 3 sections, one at the top and one on either side. A lot of people will just do two buns but I like a lot of volume at the top so I do the extra one there.
Twist each section tightly into the bun and if you have hard to curl hair then add some more product.
It does look a little bit ridiculous… very much like an alien XD
Now enjoy a good night’s sleep!
And fast forward to the next morning!
Undo the buns…
Not looking like so much right now:
But separate each of the twists with your fingers.
That looks a lot better!
Considering how little effort went into it, I think this is a really great style for mornings that you know are going to be very hectic.
Definitely not going to work for everyone but it’s a good one to try out anyway because if it does work it’s great to be able to use less heat styling tools. Hope you found it helpful!