So after all of the work I’ve done on our apartment, there are only a few things left that I’m unhappy with. The TV area is definitely one of them. It’s like a back hole of suck.

Before I got to the actually organising and the shelving etc I wanted to do something a bit easier: make over the actual tv.




Even the tv lights look like a sad face XD
So Daiso here has started stocking fabric and washi tape.
I bought a bunch of rolls so I could play around with things.
The fabric tape looked really happy and bright but it wasn’t cut perfectly straight so the patterns didn’t line up and that really bothered me… because I’m a crazy person like that.
But it was really easy to do, I just stuck it on.
After that I bought some washi tape. It’s basically patterned Japanese masking tape. I liked the design a lot because it wasn’t too busy from far away but it was transparent so I had to do a layer of masking tape to make it opaque.
The masking tape from Daiso was terrible and kept peeling off but I made it work.
This also didn’t really line up perfectly but it was less obviously so I could forgive it slightly.
I still haven’t decided whether I love it or not. I love the idea and that my TV is no longer so black but I think I haven’t found the perfect way to have this. I might do some more experimentation with other styles of tape but I’m going to wait until the rest of the TV area is perfect and then see what looks best.

The hunt continues though, I will have the perfect light bright apartment if it kills me!

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