This is the face of a man who is about to ingest 1kg of burrito >_>

It seems like the Mexican food craze has been dying down a bit here lately and has been replaced by Vietnamese. James far prefers Mexican so when he read about Mad Mex doing a 1kg mega burrito challenge it was about 10 minutes before I was being dragged there.

The challenge in all it’s glory:

And the challenge takers… don’t include me in this because I got a regular one… which I actually finished for a change so maybe you should count me in? XD

If you managed to finish, you got your very own Luchador wrestling mask. Apparently to the victors, go the spoils!

They insisted on wearing them all the way home too so I looked like I was being abducted by crazy wrestlers.

This sure is the man that I love >_>

Melbourne has way too much food that I want to eat and things open and close so quickly that I can’t keep up. This was the first Cajun place that I had ever seen and I only got to eat their delicious fries twice before they too turned into a Vietnamese place… at least the pho there now is delicious!

We celebrated Kris graduating and moving out by introducing him to our all time favourite Korean place: Big Mama!

Why do I take so many photos of food, all it does is make me hungry again!!!

Maybe a new place will open up tomorrow to try 😀


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