I’ve been completely addicted to white chocolate mocha frappuccinos lately. Especially with extra caramel sauce on top. I don’t usually like milky things but they are sooo good!

It’s been a lovely change of seasons.

The dead leaves are completely cleared away and there are tiny little buds coming through. It’s getting dark later in the evening which is my favourite part!

Seeing daisies everywhere makes me fee so energetic and inspired!

We hung out at Birrarung Marr Park to shoot some videos, it was fun seeing so many other people out with cameras! James wanted to do some lovely nature style shots …

But it’s really hard to stay serious when you are in the middle of a curtain of leaves and bugs XD

The ring I’m wearing below is one of my favourites, it’s from Cel’s Deco Store!

At home I’ve been organising my craft supplies which seems like a never-ending task. Every time I think I’m close, more junk just pops up.

I found these scarf hangers to organise my silk scarves at least! Storing silk scarves is something that’s bugged me for a long time because it’s hard to keep them all visible enough to use without making things really messy. I’m going to cover these in white ribbon so they are a little nicer.

Next to organise: jewellery!

And I will… as soon as nature stops being so distracting!



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