Today’s hair tutorial is something a little more classically styled than usual!

Begin by separating your hair into two.

Add a cute alice band and make sure there is hair hanging in front of it/your ears.
Take the hair in front of the band and pull it out, twist it in a circle to form a loop against the side of the head.
Pin the loop to the scalp with a bobby pin. I’m using dark ones so you can see them but you should use pins which are the same shade as your hair. You want the loop to sit quite far out from the head to get the cool twisty effect.
Grab another section of hair behind the first and include the tail of the first loop.
Twist it into a loop lower down and further back than the first and pin in place. You can see the full loop pattern below.
Repeat the two loops on the other side of your head too.
You should have something like this! Now to create the final loop, put all of the loose hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck.
Use your fingers to poke a hole through the middle of the hair.
Pull the tail of the ponytail through the loop so it makes a nice twist. You can keep this tight or pull the band down further to loosen it up more.
I think this style looks really romantic with some long wispy strands curled down at the front too.
Such a romantic style, I feel like I should be on the cover of a novel when I wear my hair like this.
… less so when I’m holding my phone >_>
I hope you like the style, I’ve been feeling a lot more classic lately so let me know if there are any other styles like this you’d like to see tutorials for!

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