It’s been one of those crazy fun weeks!

Anything that starts with mocktails and two entrees instead of a main is going to be fun!

Indeed this is the face that I make when I’m presented with that much food 😀

I was given this adorable terrarium. Two little doggies!

Of course given my track record of keeping things alive… the outside ones have already died a bit. Ugh >_>

Lucky for me, Lottie whines when she needs to be fed!

Chrissy and Charles came to visit!!

We bought matching scarves from H&M, I think Chrissy should be wearing my hat, it would match her outfit so much better in this photo!

I ate a lot of frozen yoghurt this month *_*

Tuttifrutti has new cups and for some reason mountains vomit rainbows onto other mountains’ heads? I don’t know.

And finally there’s finally a really good sushi train near our place, YUMYUMYUMYUM.

I have been eating too much from Emporium. Well I’ve been eating out in general way too much. In colder months I get so lazy and unmotivated to do anything.

Anything other than knitting that is!

I’m pretty sure that mountains of sugar like this are totally healthy.

I’ve never seen a kitty with these kinds of markings before. I wanted to give him a tummy rub!


James loves cooking in Winter which is good for me haha. He makes awesome fancy ragout!

How’s your week been?


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