For today’s nail art tutorial let’s do some happy clouds in a nice blue sky!

You will need:
  • Blue base polish
  • White polish or acrylic paint
  • Thin Brush
  • Clear top coat

This design is really easy to pick up and you can even use a regular polish brush for the clouds if you don’t have a thinner one.

Begin by painting a base coat of bright blue.


To make the clouds, paint a white dot roughly in the middle of the nail.
Add another one of a similar size next to it.
And one more next to that.
On top of the first row, add two dots between the bottom three. And that’s the basic pattern for a cloud!
Repeat making little clouds randomly all over the nails.
Once it’s all completely dry, add a clear top coat.
All done! This design makes me happy whenever I look at it 😀
Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and let me know if you have any requests!