Another no sewing tutorial, this time I made an easy draped cardigan!
I think the real key to all of these draped clothes is using the right fabric. I am using a really stretchy fabric which is also thin so it flows really well.

Stretch is much more forgiving if you’re just experimenting too! It’s really important to use a fabric which isn’t going to fray like stretch cotton if you’re not planning on hemming anything.
Of course you need a good little helper dog to do this even if she is really not very helpful.
To begin with I draped the fabric over my mannequin as if it was a wrap. Most of the fabric was bunched around the neck.
I pulled it tight so that the back looked more fitted.
I then cut out some arm holes.
Even this just by itself looks quite cute with a belt!
I wanted to have a few different ways to wear it though so I cut a slit on either side
Now to close it all I needed to do was take the corners and wrap them around to the back.
The underneath one pokes through the slit inside so you can tie them at the back.
It only took around 10 minutes to “make” if you can really call it that. And quite a few ways to wear it!
I could see this being really good in cooler months with a long sleeve shirt under it.

Now this is definitely a quick craft! Let me know if you give it a try!

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