Snapshots! I’ve decided to take the whole weekend off to get through my sewing pile. It’s gotten a little ridiculous how many things are in there which I keep meaning to do stuff with but never getting around to it >_> So instead of sitting here, I’m going to go and actually do it now! Don’t worry, I will take photos for tutorials and possibly vlogs too while I’m going. In the mean time, enjoy snapshots!


These are some of my favourite things from this week.


Holy crap these Lindt balls are amazing, I don’t usually like their chocolate because it has that odd finish but these ones are SO GOOD!


I’ve been working on my macro photography a lot with the lovely flowers around this time of year ^_^

Ack, this dress is one of the ones I need to sew! The darts in the back are a little awkward around the butt so I’m going to finish them off a little ^_^

Hope you guys are having a good week!