Today’s tutorial is a reader request: how to make your own Lolita style wrist cuffs.

I really haven’t followed Lolita fashion in years but a lot of the things I post here could cross over easily so many of the reader requests I get are about how to diy Lolita items. I usually steer fairly clear of that because it doesn’t match with my style anymore (and I have no idea what’s even fashionable in those circles now) but this request was interesting to me because I made a lot of these when I wore the fashion!

For this tutorial you will need:

  • Thick lace
  • Thin eyelet lace and ribbon to go in it
  • Needle and thread
This is the most basic of these style of cuffs and it is going to be hand stitched. You could easily machine stitch them, use elastic or any other kind of embellishments you want.
Begin by cutting a piece of the large lace which is at least 3 times the length around your wrist. Ideally you would like it to be even longer than that because more ruffles = cuter.
Cut a piece of the eyelet lace which is around twice the length of your wrist. My pieces below are a bit shorter than I would usually use because I didn’t have much of either of these left. I would also suggest using a longer piece of ribbon so it’s easier to put into a big bow.
Fold the edges of the thick lace over twice and the running stitch up it to seal in the edge.
Now loosely running stitch down the long side so it gathers into a ruffle.
Pull it tightly so the thick piece is the same length as the eyelet lace.
Fold and stitch the edges of the eyelet lace over.
Place the eyelet lace over the gather in the thick lace. I like to leave it a little lower so the top of the thick lace ruffle can be seen on the other side. Stitch it in place all of the way across and then stitch another row under the ribbon so it’s very secure and even.
You should have something along these lines…
You can just put them on like this but I prefer to move the ribbon through the eyelets so it sits on top with the split in the lace at the bottom.
Like this:
Tie the ribbon into a cute bow and you’re done!
Wearing my old clothes makes me wish it was 2007 and I was in Japan again!
You can vary these easily by adding another layer of the thick lace.
Hope that answers the request and make sure you let me know if you have any others!

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