I’ve seen so many of these tea cup candles in fancy shops but the prices are just exorbitant. You can buy tea cups in thrift shops for like $1 and candle making supplies are quite cheap too. Even cheaper?  Recycling old tea light candles. Cute result!


So for this tutorial you will need:

  • Old candles or candle making supplies to melt down
  • Something to melt them in (I’m using a fondue set)
  • Chopstick
  • Twine
  • Tea cup
To begin, pull the tea light out of the metal casing and remove the wick and the metal part at the bottom.
Once you have enough of them, put them into a melting pot. I’m using a mini fondue set but you can also do the on the stove top which is a lot quicker.
Melt all of the wax.
Measure a piece of twine which is long enough to reach the bottom of your tea cup and tie it to the chopstick.
Once all of your wax is melted it should look similar to this. You can see that all of the crappy burnt parts and dirt sink to the bottom and you can easily pour the wax while leaving them behind.
Pour the wax carefully into the tea cup. Be careful, it’s very hot! Try not to get too many bubbles in there too.
Now dip the twine into the wax and position it so it hangs all the way down into the middle. It can be easier to use a toothpick to poke it in there so it’s straight. Ideally you want to dip it a bit further than you need to so the top part of the wick is covered with a little wax too.
Now allow it to dry completely and you’ve got a candle! If the surface isn’t perfect you can remelt it with a lighter to smooth it out.
Don’t forget to cut the wick so it’s not super long!
Taadaa candle! Cute as home decor and really cost effective to make 😀 I shouldn’t need to say this… but don’t drink it. Seriously.
Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, let me know if you give it a try!

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