Outfit time!
Recently I’ve been wearing a lot more jewellery.

This has been my favourite outfit in quite some time.
Dress: Ice
Shoes: Mini MAOS
Scarf: Thrift store
Stockings: Ambra
I threw it together last minute to see my friend. I was so late and panicking but it really came together well in the end!
Of course… the minute I got home I was all about pyjama day >_> Because I’m classy like that…
This outfit was from a random shopping trip. I think we were going to pick out some furniture for James’ brother.
Jacket: Ice
Dress: Ice
Shoes: Imagination
These shoes were such a good buy, the store was closing down so only $5 a pair *_* I wish I had been able to find more pairs of shoes which actually fit me and bought more!
This outfit is a departure from my usual style but  wanted to see if I could still wear the boots in a way that I liked.
Dress: 7Angels
Shoes: Target, made over by me
I think it ended up looking really cute but I don’t know if I’ll wear them again. I think they’re just not quite “me” anymore.
Of course, the obligatory filming shots…
I did a tutorial on the plaited cat ear hairstyle a lot of people have been asking me about recently but I realised on me they don’t look like cat ears, they look more like Lottie ears!
My fashion has been a bit all over the place this month, what have you guys been wearing??

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