Ugh a proper skin care routine is something I promised I would sort out in my Lazy Inspiration list… but every time I get started I manage to do it for like 2 weeks and then seem to get side tracked… by side tracked I mean lazy. >_>

But it’s so important to take care of your skin so here I go again!

I think a lot of my problem is that I fail at keeping things neat and organised so I couldn’t find half of the things I even needed to keep a decent routine going. But organisation is an ongoing battle which I’m going to WIN.

Honestly I know nothing about skin care, I had to ask Celina what order I should be doing things in because every time I try to read articles about skin care my brain just switches off and starts playing music instead… Celina is awesome at skin care stuff though so make sure you read her blog for actual information rather than mine which is mostly whining about how I can’t be bothered with this… >_>
Ok let’s do this before I get distracted again.
First, make up is removed with an oil cleanser. I’m currently using a MAC cleanser sample. It works well enough, oil cleansers seem to all be the same to me and this works.
So apparently double cleansing is a thing and you should do it. Because apparently single cleansing isn’t good enough.
In the shower I had started out using this Lush UltraBland cleanser until I found the one under it. I really dislike this one. It’s made of bees wax and I feel like it’s impossible to get off. It has a lot of hype around it and I think I’m one of the few people that actually really disliked the feeling of it on my face :/ I felt like I had to do more work to get it off than I did when removing my make up :/
So I switched the Lush out for Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser. It feels good on my skin and cleans off any junk that the oil cleanser didn’t get.
I use that with my Foreo Luna. I still freaking love this weird contraption, it’s awesome and my face feels really good after using it.
Every few days for a really deep clean I will use Clearasil Daily Clear with the Luna instead.
Ok so now once I’m done with my shower I use this Lancome toner which Celina game me.
This is the point that you have a really clean, nice canvas to work on so you pile on serums and anti aging things or whatever you like. Some people will layer 5+ different serums. I’m not quite at that level so I will pick a few out of the following photos to use. I tend to use heavier things at night time because I don’t need to worry about how they will work with my foundation etc. I pretty much only have sample sizes of everything so I think eventually I’m going to have to do some research *cough*force Celina to find*cough* into which ones I can actually justify purchasing.
I don’t really like most of Sukin’s products but I love this Botanical Hydration Booster. It really helps with my dry patches!
I definitely want to buy these two in large sizes if I can afford it because I actually feel like I notice a difference when I use them properly.
Then it’s moisturiser and sunscreen to lock all of that expensive goo in and protect from the sun.  The first one is a Face of Australia one that I had in a travel bottle.
I really like this sunscreen because it doesn’t feel gross and sticky on my face.
At night time I’ve been using this Nivea moisturiser which is much thicker. It feels sticky but my skin feels nice in the morning.
And that’s it. I can definitely see that my skin improves when I do all of these things but it’s really hard for GoodSkinViolet to win in the battle against LazyTiredViolet who just wants to push that bitch over and go back to bed.
GoodSkinViolet is right that I should take better care of my health and skin etc even if she is a self righteous jerk about it sometimes >_>
So I’m off to research more about all of this and eat healthy food… I wonder what Celina is doing tonight… >_________>

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