Another Home Sweet Home craft today! Today is how to jazz up plain boring wooden coat hangers. My dream is to one day have a complete matching set of coat hangers. Somehow we always end up with a heap of random unmatched ones. I don’t know how it happens but it always does!
So my end result:

For this tutorial you will need:
  • A wooden coat hanger
  • Acrylic paint in various colours
  • Paint brush
  • PVA glue/clear sealer to seal it all in
  • Nail file
To begin with, buff the coat hanger with a nail file to remove any shiny finishes.
Next, paint it completely white. You may need a few coats of paint.
Next, paint pink or lilac spots randomly all over the coat hanger.
Add little green triangle leaves.
Then a while spiral in each as well and a highlight on each leaf.
Allow it to dry completely and then paint the whole thing in a thick coat of PVA glue.
Once it dries it will be nice and shiny!
Now just imagine an entire wardrobe full of these… magical yes? If only I actually had that many of these to paint ;_;
One day, ONE DAY!!

I think maybe I need to dream a little bit bigger than just having matching coat hangers in my life >_>

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