Back to beauty favourites! I get asked a lot which make up I’m wearing and honestly most of the time it’s pretty much the same thing. I don’t change stuff up very often once I find something that really works for me. So I’ve decided to do an “All Time Beauty Favourites” series and today is mascara!

I have a lot of eye allergies and mascara is something which I’m very sensitive to 🙁 This means I have to be very picky with it and once I find something good I stick to it hard!
From left to right below:
Mirenesse Vibralash-  Definite favorite and best of the group. It’s one of those tubing mascaras so it stays on all day and then comes off in tubes with a little water. I didn’t react to this at all and I LOVE it. I would totally buy it again but it’s quite expensive so I am trying to find a more budget friendly dupe at the moment. I think I am close to giving up and just buying this again though.
Lancome Ôscillation-  Great for the lower lashes because of the weird pointy brush. Didn’t really stand out a huge amount though so I’m a bit indifferent.
Clinique High Impact-  Another average one which I didn’t react to. Good but it can be a bit hard to get off.
Catalina Geo-  Pretty much the same as the Clinique. I didn’t react to it and it’s not a tubing mascara but it’s fairly easy to remove. I like that it comes with a spare tube as well, that’s cool!
Maybelline Mega Plus Volume Express- LOVE this mascara but I have a minor reaction to it ;_; It gives crazy volume but it’s a little liquidy so it tends to get everywhere when I apply it. Also it’s lid is a jerk that won’t stand up by it’s self and ruined my photo!
God mascaras have long stupid names.
So I really love everything about the Mirenesse except the price! I love tube mascaras, they are so great but so hard to find now that the technology isn’t a big deal ;_; Have you guys tried any other ones? Let me know if I’ve seen any others!
Hope you found that helpful and see you next time I do an All Time Favourite post!

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