For today’s nail art tutorial let’s do lace tips!

You need:

  • Glitter base polish
  • White polish or acrylic paint
  • Clear top coat
  • Very thin brush

Begin by painting a glitter base coat and allowing it to dry.

Water down your paint/polish so it’s an easy consistency to paint with and draw a thin line as if you were marking the bottom of a french tip.
Add another line above it following the same curve.
Now make small diagonal lines between the two.
And make diagonal lines in the other direction so they form crosses.
Add more crosses to the top section of the nail.
Along the bottom curve, paint small semi-circles.
Add little flicks along the semi-circle line.
Once it’s completely dry, give the nail a top coat with clear polish.
Done! I love how effective this looks with the bright glitter as a base!