I’ve been doing a little bit of painting lately so I thought I would show you guys in another art dump ^_^


I’ve been trying to sketch more too, Lottie ^_^
Spring! This was going to be the first page of a calendar I was going to make but I never ended up finishing it.
I went through all of my old artwork and got rid of a bunch of stuff. It was kind of nice to get rid of like 15 years worth of sketches, very cathartic and nice to clear out!
I thought you guys might like to see some of my really old art!
This was the cover page sketch of a comic book I wrote called “Frills”. I used to illustrate a lot of comics, I really miss it!
Bonus: This was actually the original header for my blog! Way back when I had short black hair! Some days I think about cutting my hair short again but I think I would really miss it!