I feel like I can’t log on to any of my social networks lately without seeing someone wearing a flower crown XD I’ve made these before for tutorials but I had a bunch of random flowers rattling around my crafting stash so I figured time for a new one!

All you need for this craft are a bunch of random flowers, a hot glue gun and some lace or ribbon to stick it to.
Lay your flowers out into a line and add more to the middle so it’s kind of a tiara shape.
Cut a piece of lace or ribbon which is long enough to tie around your head. You could also use a headband but I prefer ties because they are versatile and headbands give me a headache.
Now glue the flowers to the lace one by one. You can use a piece of fabric or felt as backing but it’s not really needed because it’s going to be hidden.
Taadaa! Seriously easy, the hardest part is deciding on how to lay the flowers out.
Then  just tie it on and you’re good to go!
Having them on a piece of lace means you can wear it in so many ways, I like to tie it around a big puffy bun!
New accessory in record time! I’ll have to go through my craft supplies to do things more often haha! Have you guys made anything fun lately?

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