Seeing as I get asked about big hair a lot I thought I would share some extra tips for getting that volume today!

To begin with, big hair works best if your hair isn’t completely clean. Hair has more grip if it’s a bit dirty.

Obviously the easiest way to get volume is to use a teasing brush but the techniques you use will effect the finished height.  I prefer to take small sections and just tease the back side.
Hairspray is the other obvious tool. I know a lot of people who won’t use hairspray because they don’t like the feeling it leaves afterward. I used the be the same until I discovered brush out hairspray.  A good hairspray will brush out completely at the end of the day and leave pretty much no trace it was ever there. This Garnier one is ok but it’s not my favorite, I really like Cedel’s spray.
For volume, lift up sections of hair and spray around the roots. Hold the hair up until the spray dries it in place.
If you have hair which doesn’t like to hold shape you can also seal the hairspray in place even more by holding a hair straightener on it for a few seconds around the roots.
Once you have a decent amount of volume smooth the very top layer of hair down with your brush. This part will make it look more naturally volumous but you do need to be careful when you brush because if you do it too hard you will brush out all of the teasing and ruin your hard work.
Give it a final blast of hairspray and you should have nice volume. If you are having problems getting the volume you want and you have very long hair you may find that’s because of the weight of your hair. Styles like this (especially those used in fashions like gyaru) often have hair which is cut specifically to make teasing easier. These styles often have layers which start very high up compared to other styles. Short layers around the top make sure that the hair is light enough to stay up in that kind of volume easily with minimal teasing.
Of course, if all of this seems too hard you can just cheat by using a hair insert.
Then all you need to do is pin it in place and brush your hair back over the top.
Big volume for the win!
So that’s it! Of course everyone’s hair is different so what might work for some will not work for others etc. That said, when it comes to big volume it’s really hard to beat good teasing!

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