I did a video tutorial on these shoes quite a while ago but thought a photo tutorial would be in order as well! The idea is a very simple one: take old shoes and decoupage them with old magazines into adorable new shoes, win!

I used old Japanese fashion magazines for mine so I could reminisce about old school Lolita fashion from like 7 years ago.


For this tutorial you will need:

  • Old magazines or pretty paper
  • PVA glue or similar
  • Water and bowl

Begin by tearing all of your magazines up into small pieces. Make sure to consider whether the colours of each piece will go with the rest of them. It’s better to rip everything up at the beginning because once you have glue all over your hands it’s quite difficult!

I picked mostly white and pastel colours of old dress collections.
Mix a solution of equal parts glue and water in a bowl and put the pieces of paper in to soak. Leave them in until they are wet all the way through. The time this takes will depend on how thick your paper is.
Prepare your shoes. I’m using some old leather ones. If your shoes are patent or shiny it can help the glue to stick if you buff them lightly with sandpaper or a nail file to remove the shine.
Take your first piece of soaked paper and apply it to the edge of the shoe. Always start from the edges and work inwards. Smooth it down so it’s completely flush to the shoe.
Now take your second piece of paper and overlap it half way over the first one. Overlapping will give the structure more strength.
Continue overlapping pieces until you’ve done the entire shoe. Around the top of the shoe fold the pieces over the edge. Don’t cover the sole because that will get worn down quickly.
Done! Allow this to dry completely and then coat the whole thing in a layer of glue to seal it in. If your paper is transparent when dry you can add another layer.
Now just repeat on the other shoe.
Depending on the kind of glue you use these will probably not be waterproof at this point (it is just paper) so if you plan on wearing them in the rain etc I would suggest adding a coat of sealing lacquer to the top as well.
You can vary the design so much depending on the paper you use for all kinds of looks!
I think this is a really nice way to keep things which are a bit sentimental close ^_^
Hope you enjoyed and let me know if you give it a try!

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