For today’s nail art design we’ll be doing completely over the top paved diamante nail art.

You will need:

  • Diamantes
  • Clear polish
  • Base colour the same colour as the diamantes
To begin with, paint a base colour which is the same as the diamantes.
We will be using the clear polish to glue the jewels down and you will need to work quite fast so you have time to move them around before it dries.
Paint clear polish all over the nail and place a diamante in the centre near the cuticle.
Place jewels on either side of it to form the first row. The number of jewels you need will depend on the size you are using as well as the size of your nail.
Continue making rows and working upwards. You can place the diamantes in a few different ways to get maximum coverage. My preferred options are either in straight rows like this or with the second row fitting diagonally to the first. What you will be able to accomplish will depend on the jewel size you have, the smaller the better!
Continue adding rows to the top of the nail, on the last row use one less jewel so it follows the shape of your nail. Obviously if your nails are a different shape adjust the number of diamantes accordingly.
Once everything is completely dry and being held securely in place, clear coat over the top. Make sure to get the clear polish between all of the jewels so it seals everything in.
Easy! They are pretty blinding out in the sun so you will get some fun looks with these nails! Hope you enjoyed and see you next time!

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