What a month! I found a bunch of outfit photos I hadn’t posted from back when it was warm, OMG I wish it was warm again!

Jacket: Angelic Pretty
Skirt: 7Angels
Shoes: Bodyline
I’ve become really lazy with my hair lately, I’m just straightening it and leaving it out. I think I should get some new hair inspiration!
This bridge is so lovely for taking photos. It’s always so windy and miserable to cross but the photos always look so good!
Jacket: Valley Girl
Dress: 7Angels
Shoes: Bodyline
I love this jacket so much but it gets so wrinkly and it’s impossible to iron properly for some reason! I hate that!
I was walking Lottie the night I wore this, I’m not sure those heels are dog walking appropriate… Meh!
I was trying to use my sunglasses to do the stereotypical 1980’s cool guy seeing a sexy lady and saying “DAAAAAYMN”. I look more scared and confused than anything I think. Apparently sexy ladies confuse me.
This dress was a present from Celina!

James has been doing a lot of shoots in the studio room so every time he does I’ve been using the lighting set up too haha!

Shirt: Valley Girl
Skirt: PureGirlBlue who is totally awesome!
Shoes: Witner, customised by me
Studio for the win!
Now if only I could turn it into a cute girly craft room… I feel like I could do it before he woke up one day. Do you think he would notice? >_>
Also, my current obsession now that it’s gotten cold enough? Pedi-Sox!
They are cute socks with an opening in the end so you can be warm while painting your toes. I have actually been wearing them all week because I overheat in regular socks so this way I get comfy feet without being too warm! They’re also great for sealing in moisturising treatments like SofSpa which is good for both feet and other areas with dry skin. You can order online in lots of cute designs: www.CreativesNewEdge.com.au if you’re in Aus or www.originalpedisox.com for your local stockist! 

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