After hearing how much fun it was last year, we decided to go to White Night this year.

We arrived at around 7 which was the start time but considering the sun didn’t go down for another 2 hours we just wandered around.
I became quite frustrated when some street photographers ignored the fact that I wasn’t interested in being whatever they were shooting and they kept following me around. I tried to hide behind James and even that didn’t deter them. I’m all for taking photos with people and street photography but when I’ve made it clear that I am not interested in participating in someone’s photos and  they follow me, I find that really creepy. And it happens surprisingly regularly and gets old really fast 🙁  Rude people are very frustrating and we met a lot of very rude people at White Night.
Then considering nothing had started we got bored and managed to snag a table at Starbucks.
When the sun went down and the lights came on. It was really quite beautiful.
Oh course it was more interesting with friends >_>
After doing Swanston St we went down to see Flinders St and that was a mistake!
It was absolutely stunning, but the number of people was intense! The news reports were saying there were 500,000 people there *_*
The smile in this photo lasted about 5 minutes.
Our group was separated and we lost James for a while. Celina and I were able to stay together by holding each others bags as we tried to get out.
A man with a pram continuously rammed Celina’s foot even after she asked him to stop. I was so angry by that point that I yelled at him and he didn’t even care, he just continued doing it to poor Celina. A little while after that we were trying to find James (no one’s phones were working either :/) and a man started digging his knuckle into my back to force me to walk faster. We were all literally pressed together so that wasn’t going to happen. Even after I asked him to quit it he continued. Ugh. Never again!
Once we found James he told us that a woman had been apparently faking labour pains to try and get people to move out of her way, but even that didn’t work! RUDE PEOPLE EVERYWHERE.
We managed to get to Collins St where there was a little breathing space and found a pop up cinema and food trucks.
After that we couldn’t take being in the crowd anymore and gave up and went home :/
Next year, instead of attending White Night I think I will just stay home, enjoy having room to breath and cuddle Lottie. At least she politely pats me when she wants something. That’s right, my dog is more polite than most of the people we met that night. *_*

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