Today’s hair tutorial is a little odd but it’s great to have as many tools in your arsenal as possible! Today we’re going to getting waves using stockings!

These kinds of overnight styles to get curls are always a bit hit and miss depending on the type of hair you actually have. This is similar to all of those sock buns=waves sorts of things but it’s a little easier to do because stockings are bigger and stretchier.

To begin with tie your hair in a high ponytail.
At this point you can add any hair spray or mouse etc that you like to keep the shape.
Fold the stockings in half and sandwich the ends of your hair between the middle.
Roll the hair around the stockings.
Continue rolling the stockings up until you reach the base of the ponytail.
Tie the stockings in a knot at the back.
You should have something like this once you’re done!
Now add another layer of hairspray and then go and have a peaceful night’s sleep!
Next morning!
Once the stockings are removed the hair should have more volume, especially around the ends which will hold a nice curl. How much curl you get will depend on the type of hair you have and also your hair cut. Layers curl much more obviously!
Now just separate the curls out with your fingers.
If they become too loose you can re-curl the shape with your fingers.
Add a pretty accessory and you’re good to go! Pretty 😀
For these sorts of tutorials, results will always vary so let me know how it goes for you!

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