After we moved around the lounge room to the new configuration there was one thing left which bothered me: James’ chair.

I have had a love hate relationship with James’ chairs over the years. He always picks the cheapest crappiest chairs which are terrible for back support and also super ugly, but he claims are super comfy. I mean if they were good for his back then I could understand… But honestly bleh.

So I made this…



From this…


So I sold him on a make over by promising to add a bunch more pillows and arm support so it was *actually* comfortable for him to sit there. Double win!


I tied some old pillows from daiso around the arms, added one to the seat area and one to the back support and held them all in place with old yarn.



I toyed with the idea of coating the arms completely in yarn but I didn’t have enough and the finish wasn’t so great so instead I covered it and the rest of the chair in white stretch fabric and hot glued it down.





I chose green knit fabric for the bulk of the chair so it matched the rest of the house.



I didn’t have enough for the whole chair so I ended up chopping up an old scarf and doing the rest in brown knit. I like it because it kind of looks like a tree.


I fixed the final fabric in place with hot glue as well making sure that all of the edges are covered up.



Bam! New area! I feel like it’s much more open and almost magazine-y! So clean and pretty and nice. And a clean work space means a better frame of mind and more productivity… or that’s what I’m going with anyway 😀



Now if I could only convince James to buy a really nice proper ergonomically chair which would actually be good for his back -_-‘

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