When James’ parents visited us recently we all took a drive up to the Dandenong ranges to visit Miss Marple’s tea house. It was adorable!

As you can guess, Miss Marples’ is themed on the books/movies/tv series.
It’s a typically styled English cottage and serves typical English styled food. I was worried about going because it’s always so busy and they don’t take bookings. We’ve actually tried to visit the last few times we went to the Dandenongs but the wait has been crazy. This time we got a table straight away which was lucky and we even managed to score a booth!
The staff were so lovely and friendly, they really made the day fun as they joked around with us.
The settings were definitely correct for the time period!
The tea I went with was the house special and apparently had won many awards. I enjoyed it but I prefer my tea to be super strong so I wouldn’t say it was the best I’ve ever had.
I ordered the Pimlico pastie. The serving sizes were HUGE. It was yummy and I like how handmade it looked.
Pasties are one of my all time favourite foods and this was was really yummy but also a little more subtle than I’m used to.
James ordered the scones which are apparently quite controversial because they look like this:
Traditional or not they were very yummy.
I tried bread and butter pudding for the first time because I wanted to be extra “English” haha! I really liked it actually but holy bajeebus was it huge. It was literally half a loaf of bread and I felt bad for not being able to come even remotely close to finishing it even with James’ Dad helping me! I still think about that dessert, I think I need to try and make one at home!
Miss Marple’s was really nice but I don’t really understand why there is always such a crazy wait to get in as it was all fairly standard tea offerings and the busy atmosphere was nice but took away from the experience a bit. I think it’s one of those places that you definitely have to go once though!
After that we went for a wander around the shops. The one thing I really love about this area is the abundance of flowers.
Puppy paw prints!
Bonus shot: This may be the creepiest toy shop I’ve ever seen. It had dolls hanging from the ceiling above the sidewalk. It was like a horror movie *_*

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