Let’s do Spring themed nail art today! I’m thinking of Spring as more of a state of mind rather than a season these days XD

You need:

  • Light blue base polish
  • Green polish or acrylic paint
  • White polish or acrylic paint
  • Yellow polish or acrylic paint
  • Clear top coat
  • Thin brush

Start by painting a light blue base coat.

Once it’s dry begin adding small lines starting at the cuticle in the light green paint. This will be the grass.
Do it over the entire width of the nail so it looks like a little forest!
Now for the daisies. On top of some of the longer grass blades add a white splotch. This will look more like a daisy if you start from the centre and drag your brush outwards several times so it looks a bit like petals.
Repeat a few more times in varying sizes.
Using the yellow paint and add a little dot in the middle of each daisy.
Once it’s completely dry, apply a top coat of clear to the entire nail.
All finished! Perfect for whether it’s actually Spring in your area of the world or if you just wish it was ^_^

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