Outfit time!
I really don’t know what James is doing back there but I look cute so who cares? 😀

It’s been a really busy month so I haven’t been dressing much outside of pyjamas.
This outfit was for fabric shopping! I want to go again, too much fabric too little time for crafts!
Shorts: Thrift store
Shirt: 7Angels
Shoes: DreamV
Bow: Handmade
I love these glasses only $1 on ebay! I want to buy more 😀
This outfit was from running some random errands. The dress is from Ice, the shoes are from Bodyline from around 6 years ago. They are so comfortable!
I’ve been wearing these shoes quite a bit lately because they are so comfortable!
Cardigan: 7Angels
Dress: Valley Girl
Hat: Valley Girl
And of course, more outfits from filming. I made this shirt myself and the skirt is vintage.

I also received a really lovely present from a Singaporean blog shop: Bon Weekend!
This is their Floral Zip Pouch! It’s so pretty and perfectly my style! I love it so much 😀
The size is really good because it’s roomy but not so big that it’s unmanageable.
I’ve been using it a lot for dinners lately. The inside is for wool and feels so soft!
Make sure you check out their web store!
I hope you’re having a good weekend, I hope I can work a bit less and go out a bit more soon too!

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