We were lucky enough to be able to have high tea at the Windsor with James’ parents when the last visited and it was so much fun!

Even the trams were getting in the 1920’s mood for us ^_^

The Windsor is such a beautiful building, it still has all of it’s original detailing and features.
The tea menu was full of delicious sounding things!
James’ Mum was so cute!
Kris hid behind the scones for most of the afternoon.
How can anyone not be excited when presented with that many sweets?
Family photo time! The wait staff were very nice to take a heap of photos for us 😀
I thought my flowery nail art was appropriate for tea.
I tried champagne for the first time and hated it. All class!

The desserts were super yummy! I had never tried elderberry before but this jelly was so scrummy!
Of course, it wouldn’t be us if something stupid didn’t happen… James dropped the sugar tongs into the milk -_-‘ Can’t take us anywhere!
Some more of the beautiful old world details in the hotel…
These are the old elevators!
It was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend checking it out if you have time and are in Melbourne! I’m one step closer to my goal of visiting all of the high tea places in Melbourne now haha!
Bonus pic:  This is James’ resulting food coma after eating all of those cakes.

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