When I get bored and have an excess of needle felting supplies, things like this happen…

To make you own needle felted Lottie you will need basic needle felting supplies and wool in creams, beiges, black and a little orangey red.
Make 3 sausagey legs and felt a crease to make the feet. These should be beige with extra cream on the foot part.
Make a body which looks like an egg. The chest area should be white and very proud looking while the back is beige. Attach the legs as well.
Add a white tail which is a ridiculous proportion to the body. It should be extra fluffy and highly decorative.
For the head use mostly beige with details in white. Lottie’s face looks like a fox so pointy snout, big eats and cheeks so fluffy they also seem highly decorative.
Attach the head to the body.
Lastly you need to add a face. A little brown nose is accurate but black is fine too. Don’t forget to put eyes on which absolutely beg you for the treats you’re holding.
Seriously Human, give me all of your bacon. I need it to live.
That sounds about right!
Real Lottie isn’t so sure about this though >_>
In fact she is highly uninterested.
And kind of insulted. Honestly, if she were going to beg it would be for tuna. Speaking of which… do you have any tuna… Lottie needs it to live >_>

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