Morning! Today’s hairstyle is a little more classic style and features a knitted headband that I made. You can easily make your own or just use another kind of headband.

Start with clean, brushed hair.

Split it into 3 sections, one either side and one at the back.
Put the back section into a ponytail.
Flip the ponytail through itself by poking your fingers through the band and pulling the tail through.
Plait the rest of the hair down and tie off.
Fluff the plait out with your fingers and flip it up to the top of your head. Pin it in place. If you have a long tail hanging across the front like I do don’t worry, it will be hidden under the headband later.
Move on to the first side and divide it into halves. Plait each half and repeat on the other side.
You should have 4 small plaits.
Place your headband on so it sits just behind the plaits. I think headbands which feature plaits look best with this style because they continue the theme. Poke any tails at the top under it so they are hidden.
Take the back plait on either side and wrap them around the front of your head. You can twist them together for a more interesting look too.
Pin the tails under the band.
Now take the front plaits and pull them backwards and around the other side.
Pin their tails under the hairband too. The back will end up something like this. Personally I think this style works best with darker, curly hair because the results have so much texture. It’s really easy to see my parts because of the colour of my hair and roots where as with darker hair you just get the cool patterns.
But there you go! Another hairstyle to add to your repertoire ^_^
Hope you enjoyed and let me know if you give it a try!

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