Today’s nail art is inspired by the character Maleficent! It’s pretty much the simplest Maleficent nail art I could think of. I’ve been really busy lately so I’ve had to scale back on my nail art but that doesn’t mean I want to give it up completely!

You will need:

  • Purple polish
  • Purple glitter polish
  • Green polish
  • Green glitter polish
  • Black polish or acrylic paint
  • Clear top coat
  • Thin brush

Start by painting a base coat of either purple or green. I decided to alternate nails.

Once it’s dry, apply a coat of the corresponding glitter polish over the top.
Prepare your black paint on a thin brush and paint a steep curve which goes from the centre of the nail to the edge quite near the cuticle.
Mirror this curve on the other side.
Paint a line along the bottom edge of the polish to mask it out too.
Fill in the shape with more black.
Repeat this shape on all other nails.
Once it’s all dry, give the nails a coat of clear polish.
All finished!
Hope you enjoyed 😀

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