Some of you guys asked how I made the bunting in my video back drop so here’s a quick tutorial on it!

You need:

  • Pretty paper
  • String to hang it on
  • Glue or a stapler
  • Scissors

To begin with, cut large triangles out of the pretty paper you have. They don’t need to be equilateral, in fact I think these look better if they are longer on two sides.

I used a variety of Cristina Re papers I had in my collection.
To attach them to the string you can use a variety of methods. I just folded the tops over and stapled them in place:
 but you could also go to the effort of gluing on a second sheet of paper to make a tunnel for the string to go through.
For these mini ones I cut a diamond shape and then folded it in half to make the triangles. To attach them to the string was as easy as just placing the string at the fold.
You can see the fold here when they are hanging:
Hope you found the tutorial useful and I’ll see you all next time!

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