Such a mixed bag of outfits this time because the weather has been so mixed too!
The trees can’t decide whether to drop their leaves or not.

Shirt: Target
Jewellery: Hand made
Skirt: Tempt
Shoes: Target
I hope they drop their leaves properly soon, I love Autumn!
The light still feels warmer though.

 Dress: Made by me

Cardigan: Gift
Shoes: Mini Maos… I really should get some new shoes, I wear these ones so much >_>


My favorite earrings, bees!
Lately I love double layer eyeliner!
This has been my favourite dress lately too. I almost didn’t buy it because I didn’t have a clothes budget for that time but it was totally worth it. Perfect cut!
It’s from 7 Angels.
What are you guys obsessed with clothing-wise lately? I think I need some new inspiration!

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