Ok so this is tutorial which has been requested a surprising amount considering how old the photos are! We did a photo series which was themed around a snow queen where I had sugar icicle lipstick a few years ago.
Here’s a slightly warmer version…

But the original version was super icy with the light blue lipstick underneath it.
It’s super easy to do, start with clean bare lips.
Apply a really sticky lipgloss. If you want to make the lips coloured then start with coloured lipstick and the apply a sticky clear lipgloss over the top.
Try to be as neat as possible because it can be tough to clean up later.
Pour out the sugar into your hand or a tray.
Press your lips into it.
Use a make up brush to dust off around the edges and any loose pieces.
Done! You can also press it in a second time to crust it on even more. For the snow queen look I think I did like 3 layers.
When the sugar touches the lip gloss it crystalises a bit more together. It looks cool but it will get everywhere so take your photos quickly! Also it’s hard not to just eat it haha!