Snapshots time!

This week was one of those completely random weeks that seems to make no sense at all. Even the weather is very confused.

I’ve seen a lot of beautiful lights in the city. This market stall had little feathers all over the inside, it looked quite magical!



Did you know that when you add suit jacket to suit pants you = suit jacket and pants? Apparently enough people didn’t to require this handy label.


I thought these little Totoro terrariums were pretty adorable!


We did a lot of walking.


… a lot…


I promised myself that I would be better organised this year so I… bought stationery. That counts right? No? I actually have to use the stationery? Man! >_>



James did this for some reason. I don’t know. It’s been one of those weeks.


To end, a random cactus. Because… that’s a good ending.


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