The cable knitting obsession continues even further with a hat to match the cardigan I made.

I think the hat actually took longer than the cardigan because it’s such a tighter gauge to work.

To begin with I cast on 156 stitches. This is a big floppy hat so that’s one of the many reasons it look so damn long!

The ribbing at the bottom is k2 p2 continually as I was using circular needles.

I’m not sure how many rows it was but I continued the ribbing for around 25cm long.
At this point I  did one row of decreases so k2, k2tog. I made sure the decreases were on the purled stitches so that the knitted stitches would continue into the cables.
I then counted the remaining stitches to work out a nice cable pattern which would fit. I had 104 stitches so my cable pattern became:
K3 p3, 2 strand cable with 3 stitches per strand, p2. Repeat this pattern 8 times and you should be at the end of the row.
I found cables a bit harder to work in the round as it was harder to distinguish where I was in the pattern at a glance. I knit to tune out while I’m watching tv so counting stitches is not something I enjoy doing much.
I did 8 cable twists which got the hat long enough for my head. Then I began to decrease one stitch in the k3 part of the pattern every row, then the p2 part etc until there was only the cables strands left on my needles and eventually there were to stitches left and I tied off.
Done and omg so glad it’s over! I always remember knitting beanies fondly until I’m actually doing it and remember what a pain in the butt they are for being such small projects!
The only thing missing at this point was a thick pom pom for up top.
As much as it wasn’t my favourite project ever, I really love the finished product! I don’t think I’ll be doing any beanies for a long time though… maybe a beret though… No, bad Violet!
Hope you enjoyed looking at my latest project!

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