Today I have a really fun reader requested pattern up for download!

Kimmi wrote to me a while ago to request downloadable patterns of Bergamot and friends for her cross stitching. It’s something that had been on my long term to do list for ages so it’s good to finally have them available!

These patterns are downloadable here or via the VLB mailing list. Each pattern is worked over 100 squares so you can adjust them as needed for the gauge you are knitting or stitching. There is one for Bergamot, Lottie, Sir Reginald and Nana Bunchkins as well as the background floral pattern for my website and also my VLB monogram.

Please note they are provided for personal use only, not for profit.

They should be suitable for knitting, crochet or cross stitch but make sure to do a swatch first so you can adjust for your personal tension.

I hope you enjoy and I can’t wait to see what you guys actually make with them! I’m thinking of doing a massive bergamot knitted sweater as my next project! Let me know what you do with them so I can add your photos to the readers gallery!

To save them just click below for the full image 🙂



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