Oh Miss Lottie. You provide never ending entertainment. Also, that lasagne is not yours and you are not Garfield.
You shouldn’t try to steal chips from people, it’s bad for you. And you are terrible at judging the height of things in relation to yourself.



You are the king of jumping on rocks though even if you miss a few times…


Balance is really not your thing.



You insist on claiming every small space in the house as yours including inside bags, cardboard boxes and under pillows and blankets. Bonus points if  human is already laying on any of those. Also, the back of the couch is where a cat is supposed to sleep, not a dog. You may be at least 1/2 cat.


You try to steal my pillow like every night and look extremely pleased with yourself.


You try to lick strangers when they pat you… and look extremely pleased with yourself.



You have a terrible nose for finding treats which are right in front of you. You have hay fever which is so bad that you are more likely to sneeze on your treats than find them.



But the fur right between your ears is so soft…


And I like your beard hair.


And you like to walk around our block.


So long as we all walk together and no one breaks formation…


And you love to snuggle while we watch movies on the cough.


What a lovely dog you are Miss Lottie.

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